Salt Lake City Snowboard Rentals

Welcome to Canyon Sports daily snowboard rentals. We’re confident you won’t find a better snowboard rental option anywhere! In addition to our commitment to providing you with top notch service and gear, we’ve gone the extra mile to offer greater protections to help ensure you have an excellent experience. Also, don’t forget to reserve 48 hours or more in advance for 20% off. If you missed that window, we gladly accept walk-ins. 

Prices below are per day for the full package which includes skis, boots, & poles.  If you have your own boots, you recieve a $4 discount off the package price. Reserve online two days in advance for a 20% discount.

$58 per day

Adult Demo Snowboard Package

The latest and greatest boards from Never Summer. We’ve got a great selection of boards suited for all mountain, park, and powder.  This package is great for those looking for the best feel and performance from their equipment and really looking to maximize there time on the mountain.  Whatever your riding style, we’ve got a board you’ll love.

$44 per day

Adult Performance Snowboard Package

The performance snowboard package is best suited for intermediate and advanced riders.  These versatile all mountain boards can handle everything from groomers to off trail terrain and powder.

$34 per day

Adult Sport Snowboard Package

The sport snowboard package contains boards with a soft forgiving flex. These snowboards are designed for beginning to intermediate level riders. Easy to turn, easy to flex, easy to have fun!

$24 per day

Junior Snowboard Package

The Junior snowboard package is specifically designed to bring you little rider up to full ripper status. The board, boots, and bindings are all for younger riders and are not just smaller versions of their adult counterparts. Watch your children learn their first turns on our junior equipment, and be amazed at how quickly they are passing you on the slopes. Just try to keep up.

Why Rent a Snowboard from Canyon Sports?

  • Great customer service

  • All daily snowboards are new or just 1 season old. The vast majority of boots are new or just one season old.

  • Damage waiver included! You’ll never pay for damaged or broken equipment and you don’t need to pay extra for that protection. This costs extra everywhere else!

  • Optional Lost/Stolen insurance for just $2/day on sport & performance or $4/day for demo equipment. We don’t know anyone else who offers this protection!

  • Easy to access location, especially coming from the airport on your way to most major Utah resorts. We also have plenty of parking in our own lot.

  • A more relaxed (and cheaper) experience than renting at the overcrowded resort shops.

  • Our Happy Customer Guarantee, included with every daily snowboard rental!

Snowboard Rental Details:


  • Package price includes board, boots, and bindings.

  • If you bring your own boots, you get $4 off (the pre-discounted price if you have an advance reservation)

  • Rentals are charged by the calendar day. You may pick up as early as noon the day before your rental. You may return by 10am the day following your rental for no extra charge.

  • Walk-ins and reservations welcome.

  • Snowboards rental packages below offer options for a wide variety of abilities and ski styles.

About our protections and guarantee:

We believe a time spent skiing should be a vacation, whether you’re from far away and actually on vacation or just sneaking out for a few hours. The last thing you want to do is to have a problem that puts a damper on the fun you were so looking forward to. Unfortunately, we can’t take away all the risk that something goes wrong, but we can go the extra mile that other shops don’t.


First, we include a damage waiver at no charge so no one has to worry about getting stuck with a bill after running over a rock they couldn’t see (or any other reason snowboads break). Most shops offer some level of protection (though not always full protection) but it will cost you extra. We’ve found a lot of people never thought they could damage or break snowboards. Well, anyone can and you’re better off being covered – for free. 


We also offer Lost/Stolen insurance for an extra charge – something we don’t believe anyone else offers! Most of the time lost/stolen equipment is due to honest mix-ups where lots of people out there have similar looking equipment. For the people who get stuck paying for lost or stolen equipment, which ranges from $350-$750, it’s a huge bummer of a way to finish their vacation. If you don’t want that worry, we can take it off your hands: $2/day for junior/sport/performance or $4 per day for demo.


Finally, we strive for nothing short of a happy customer, so we include our Happy Customer Guarantee. Our equipment is current and staff well trained, but we are human and can fall short on occasion. If you have a problem with our equipment, feel our service was lacking, or in some way feel like you didn’t get the full value you paid for, please let us know and we will make it right. If we can’t, we’d be happy to issue a partial or full refund.