5 Great Reasons to Make Salt Lake City Your Ski Vacation Base

5 Great Reasons to Make Salt Lake City Your Ski Vacation Base

5 Great Reasons to Make Salt Lake City Your Ski Vacation Base

Ski rentals and snowboard rentals are now in full swing here at Canyon Sports. The 2023-2024 season has begun in earnest, and we are standing by to assist both locals and tourists with rental packages. If you are a tourist planning to ski Utah this season, are you planning on making Salt Lake City your base? If not, you really should.

Way back in 2014, Salt Lake City tourism officials launched a marketing campaign to advertise our fair city as Ski City USA. While that marketing campaign is long since over, its main point is still worth promoting – there are few cities in this great country as amenable to skiing and snowboarding as Salt Lake City.

While you are thinking about ski and snowboard rental, here are five great reasons to make Salt Lake City your ski vacation base:

1. Access to 10 Resorts

Utah is a preferred destination for skiers and snowboarders due to our plethora of great resorts. Our state offers no fewer than 15 of them. As for Salt Lake City, it is within an hour’s drive from Sundance, Snowbasin, Brighton, and seven others. That is a lot of access to a lot of resorts.

By basing your vacation in Salt Lake City, you can go to your favorite resorts without having to constantly move your accommodations. You are not stuck at a single resort for your entire vacation. You’re not left feeling like you need to ski just that resort in order to get your money’s worth.

2. Plenty of Transportation Options

Getting in and out of Salt Lake City is easy thanks to the brand-new Salt Lake City International airport. The airport is serviced by major airlines and is just 15 minutes from the city center. But that’s not all. Getting around town – and to and from your favorite ski resorts – is possible thanks to a variety of transportation options.

Car rentals are as readily available here as any other American city. But you also have access to a range of public and private transportation options including ridesharing, bus transportation, chartered coaches, and more.

3. World Class Accommodations

When you visit Salt Lake City on your next ski vacation, we guarantee you will be impressed by our world class accommodations. From off-site hotels to resort accommodations and vacation rentals, we have it all. Not only that, but we are also not talking cheap roadside motels with poor heating and substandard beds. We’re talking comfortable accommodation with a full range of amenities.

4. Fantastic Food

Salt Lake City has been one of America’s most up-and-coming cities for more than a decade. We thrive on that reputation. Along with it comes a food scene that compares with other fantastic foodie cities like Seattle and Austin. When you are not out enjoying the slopes, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to visit comfortable cafes, family-owned restaurants, and luxurious sit-down dining experiences that will thrill your palate.

5. Activities Other than Skiing

Here in Salt Lake City, we get the fact that people visiting on ski vacations like to do other things, too. We pride ourselves on offering a multigenerational experience capable of accommodating entire families regardless of the ages of each member. There are plenty of age-appropriate activities to enjoy when you’re not on the slopes.

As a shop that specializes in Salt Lake City ski rentals, we are extremely proud of our city and its ski culture. We hope you will choose Salt Lake City as the base of operations for your next ski vacation. We will be standing by to assist with rentals.