Get Your Bike Tuned Before Summer Adventures Start

Get Your Bike Tuned Before Summer Adventures Start

Get Your Bike Tuned Before Summer Adventures Start | Canyon Sports

Ski and snowboarding season are rapidly winding down in Utah. For the team here at Canyon Sports, this means it’s time to start preparing for spring and summer. We have bike rentals on our minds. If you own a bike yourself, we hope you’ll consider us for a full tune up. Bike tunes are on the menu at Canyon Sports.

We encourage having your bike tuned before your summer adventures start. A bike tune is an inexpensive but effective way to guarantee your bike stays in good working condition throughout the season. You will enjoy a more comfortable ride as well.

The Basic Tune Up

A basic bike tune is something just about anyone can do at home with the right tools and knowledge. It shouldn’t take any more than 20-30 minutes. But if you don’t have the tools or know-how, we’d be happy to do the job for you.

A basic tune starts with the seat and seat-post. You don’t want the post to bond to the frame, so you’ll want to clean and lubricate it. This step is especially important if you are working with carbon fiber. After attending to the seat and post, you’ll also:

  • Address the Chain – Clean the chain with a degreaser and cleaning tool. Then inspect it carefully. If it shows excessive wear, or any of the links appear damaged, consider replacing it. You’ll definitely want to lubricate the chain before putting it back on the bike.
  • Clean Jockey Wheels and Cassette – Locate the jockey wheels and cassette at the rear of the bike. They often get clogged with dirt and grime. Use a degreaser and either a rag or stiff brush to clean them.
  • Address the Brakes – Clean and inspect the brakes, paying special attention to wear and tear. Replace worn brake pads. Align the brakes so that there is equal distance between pads and rims, on both sides.
  • Check the Tires – Last but not least, you’ll inspect your tires for wear, cracks, and cuts. Don’t hesitate to replace damaged tires. Also be sure that tires are inflated to the proper pressure before every ride.

Again, a basic bike tune doesn’t take long to complete. You can do it at home if you know how. Otherwise, bring it in and let us take a look.

The Complete Tune

If you would prefer a complete bike tune rather than just basic service, the job is best left to professionals. A complete bike tune includes all the basic steps along with more comprehensive service designed to maximize safety in comfort. A complete tune includes:

  • Deep cleaning.
  • Drive chain adjustments.
  • Wheel inspection.
  • Frame inspection.
  • Headset and bottom racket inspection.

A professional bike mechanic has an advantage in terms of knowing what to look for. Professionals are especially attuned to spotting damage not easily seen with modern bikes. If for no other reason, the safety aspects of riding a bike demand that professionals handle complete tune-ups.

Why Do It Now

The whole point of tuning your bike before summer adventures begin is to avoid the problems associated with not tuning. A complete bike tune enhances performance, improves safety, leads to a smoother and more comfortable ride, and extends the life of your bike.

Not tuning before you start the summer season could mean spending more money later on. Why pay for repairs that could have been avoided with an affordable and easy bike tune?

Bike tunes are one of the many things we offer here at Canyon Sports. Before you start riding this spring, bring your bike in and let us give it the once over.