5 Signs That It’s Time to Consider New Skis

5 Signs That It’s Time to Consider New Skis

5 Signs That It's Time to Consider New Skis

We know how tough it can be to replace a pair of skis you have grown to love. You found a pair that fit you like a glove. You have had the skis tuned every year since you’ve own them. They have served you well – so well that you can’t bear to part with them. But every pair of skis reaches end of life. At some point, they need to be replaced.

How do you know that time has come? How do you know it’s time to head down to the ski shop to replace a pair you thought you would stick with until you died? You ultimately need to make that decision for yourself. But to get you thinking in that direction, here are five signs suggesting it might be time:

1. The Ski Shop Won’t Do Any More Work

You have faithfully taken your beloved skis to the ski shop whenever they needed work. DIY isn’t in your vocabulary, so you know they have always gotten professional attention. But if you took them to the ski shop at the start of the season and they refused to do anymore work, it is a sign that things aren’t looking good.

Maybe the tech said he could not put new bindings on your skis with a clean conscience. Perhaps you were told that there wasn’t much tuning left in your skis. Refusing work is an indication that your skis are wearing out. If the ski shop won’t do any more work, it’s because they are worried about liability. Pay attention to that.

2. Skiing Safely Is Becoming Harder

Ski technology has evolved over the years. So has slope grooming. Skiing on modern slopes with aging skis can be challenging. Even on the easiest slopes at your favorite resort, old skies can make safety a real issue. So ask yourself this: do you find skiing safely harder than it used to be? If so, consider it a big red flag. Either your skills are diminishing, or your skies are getting too old.

3. Your Skis Don’t Match Your Style

Skis and grooming technologies aren’t the only things on the slopes that evolve. Every skier’s style evolves as well. If you’re still rocking a pair of skis that you bought 20 years ago, there’s a good chance they are no longer a good fit for you. Your style has changed. Your old ones haven’t kept up. It’s time to consider something new.

4. Something Is Missing

Five years ago, it didn’t matter that one of your skies was missing a pretty good-sized chunk from the tail. You adapted. Well, here’s the deal: a pair of skis with missing mass are both unsafe and bad for your form. If something is missing, don’t just chalk it up to the possibility that you and your skis have grown apart. This isn’t a relationship. It’s a sport. It is time to retire the broken-down pair and get something new.

5. Something Else Catches Your Eye

Speaking of relationships, replacing your old skis with a new pair is not a matter of infidelity. You didn’t pledge your undying love to those old skis when you first purchased them. You did not promise to stick with them until death parted you. It’s okay that something else has caught your eye. It is okay that you are attracted to something new.

If you’ve noticed any of the five signs described in this post, perhaps a trip to the ski shop is an order. At canyon Sports, we recommend starting your search for new skis with a ski demo rental. Try out some different skis, and maybe you’ll find it is time to thank that old pair for the memories while you move on to something new.