Fall Colors: Why October is a Great Time to Visit Utah

Fall Colors: Why October is a Great Time to Visit Utah

Here at Canyon Sports, we are already preparing for the winter ski season. Even while we are still handling summer bike tunes along with kayak and stand-up paddleboard rental, we are starting to prepare our skis and snowboards for a busy rental season. While we stay busy, we hope you will consider visiting Utah in October.

If there is one phrase explaining why Utah is such a great fall destination, it’s this: fall colors. No doubt there are plenty of fantastic destinations to visit if you are into fall color peeping. But there is just something unique about Utah that makes it a fall destination suitable for every person’s bucket list.

If you’ve never been to the Beehive State in the fall, you really owe it to yourself to pay us a visit. Stop in at Canyon Sports for kayak, paddleboard, or bike rental. Then get out there and enjoy the colors. Here are just some of the places you can visit:

The Bridal Veil Falls

The Bridle Vail Falls are down in the Provo Canyon, so you’ll have to drive a bit to get there. But trust us when we say that it’s worth the drive. It turns out that you won’t be looking at just one set of falls. There are waterfalls to take in throughout the Bridal Veil area. There is no better feast for the eyes than a combination of water and stunning fall colors.

Should you decide to make the trek, make a day of it. The entire Provo Canyon comes alive with stunning reds, yellows, and oranges. You might even see a purple or two every now and again. And of course, there are bike trails to ride and waterways to navigate.

The Sundance Resort

The Sundance Resort is also about an hour away from Salt Lake City. Yet it is a sprawling property with plenty to offer. You can take in the fall scenery and spend a night or two enjoying one of Utah’s finest resorts. Sundance is undoubtedly a favorite among the ski crowd. But it’s also a great option for fall color chasers.

Memory Grove Park

Closer to home is Salt Lake City’s Memory Grove Park. It’s a hidden destination that the locals love and appreciate but tourists often miss. Its main advantage during the fall color season is its low-lying elevation. There is a lot to see if you simply look up.

The Utah State Capitol

People don’t normally think about the Utah State Capitol grounds when they think of fall colors. But that’s a mistake. Some of the most stunning colors in the entire city are found on the Capitol grounds. Best of all, the grounds are easily accessible to any and all. You can enjoy them on a bike or on foot. If you happen to be there in the evening, you might just get one of the most spectacular views of the Utah sky as a backdrop for the Capitol building.

City Creek Canyon

Last on our list is City Creek Canyon. It’s not too far from Memory Grove Park. Despite being a place to find stunning fall views, the canyon is actually still within city limits. Multiple trails are found in the area, so traversing the canyon by bike is very possible.

October is a fantastic month to visit Utah. You can enjoy the fall colors while those of us in the tourist industry are preparing for winter. As a side note, be sure to reserve your ski or snowboard rental soon if you are planning a winter visit. You can never be too prepared.