Helpful Tips for Biking in the Salt Lake City Region

Helpful Tips for Biking in the Salt Lake City Region

Helpful Tips for Biking in the Salt Lake City Region

The snow is gone, and the Wasatch Mountains are alive with the newness of spring. Summer will be here soon enough, and with it will be plenty of opportunities to go biking in and around Salt Lake City. Be sure to check out Canyon Sports for affordable bike rentals. If you already own your bike, we handle bike tunes as well.

Whether you are new to the area, have been here a while, or are just visiting temporarily, Salt Lake City offers a ton of great biking opportunities. We have put together a list of helpful tips to get you started. Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors on a bike. You’ll be glad you did.

1. Try Different Types of Trails

One of the great things about biking is variety. You can access all sorts of trails offering a variety of challenges based on your skill level and preference. We recommend taking advantage of bike rental to try different types of trails.

Salt Lake City offers a number of multi-use paved trails. The Jordan River Parkway Trail is a local favorite. It offers more than 40 miles of paved pathway running from Utah County north to Davis County. Just over 8 miles of the trail are in the Salt Lake City area.

If you are into mountain biking, consider the Bonneville Shoreline Trail or Foothills Trails. You might want to check out Parley’s Historic Nature Park if bike terrain parks are more your speed.

2. Always Plan Your Route

Planning is one of the keys to enjoy biking without getting yourself in over your head. We recommend planning your route ahead of your actual departure. Use up-to-date trail maps and keep track of distance and elevation. Also, inform other people of your plans, just in case there is an emergency.

3. Wear Protective Gear and Clothing

Biking is generally a safe sport. However, Utah’s natural environment can be problematic at times. So whether you own a bike or plan on utilizing bike rental, make sure you also have the right protective gear and clothing. Plan on wearing sunglasses, a helmet, and gloves. If you are planning to go out on a sunny day, be sure to use that sunscreen. You might consider long pants and heavier shoes if you’re planning to ride mountain trails.

4. Take Plenty of Water

Hydration is always important when you’re talking physical exercise. Strangely, it’s easy to forget about the water due to the assumption that biking is easy. Do not make that mistake. Take plenty of water with you regardless of the length of time you plan to spend on the bike. Utah summers are warm and dry. You are going to need more water than you think.

5. Practice Good Bike Etiquette

Finally, we encourage people who don’t bike all that often to learn and practice good bike etiquette. Good etiquette starts with being courteous to anyone else you come across on the trail. This includes other riders as well as joggers and hikers. As a biker, you should always yield to pedestrians.

Good etiquette also means staying on the trail. Leaving the trail could mean harming the local environment to some degree. Stay on the trail and that won’t be a risk. You will also be safer yourself because you won’t be encountering unexpected terrain.

In closing, please keep Canyon Sports in mind for bike tunes and rental. We are here to help you make the most of the spring, summer, and fall biking seasons. Get out there on a bike before the snow returns later this year.