It’s Never Too Late for Daily Ski Rental

It’s Never Too Late for Daily Ski Rental

It's Never Too Late for Daily Ski Rental

With Utah’s winter now in full swing, the slopes are busier than ever. Canyon Sports customers interested in seasonal rentals got hooked up with their skis and snowboards back in October. These days, daily rentals are what it’s all about. It’s never too late for daily ski rentals, by the way. As long as the resorts are operating, we have skis and snowboards ready to go.

Do you have friends or family members who say they would love to try skiing or snowboarding but don’t want to invest in the equipment? No worries. Help them out by covering a daily rental for them. Nothing is quite as exhilarating as flying down the slopes on a good pair of skis or a finely tuned snowboard. You can make it happen by helping a friend or family member with daily rental.

Perfect for the Beginner

Covering the cost of daily snowboard rental or ski rental for a friend or family member intrigues you. Great. But who are the ideal recipients of such kindness? The first group that comes to mind is beginners. These are the family members and friends you already know appreciate winter weather. You suspect they would fall in love with skiing and snowboarding if they just tried it.

The thing about beginners is that they do not know what they need or want in terms of equipment. How many would-be skiers or snowboarders never actually make it to the slopes because they don’t know they can rent the equipment? You can be the hero by renting it for them. Covering the cost of daily ski or snowboard rental gives your loved one the opportunity to try one of what are arguably the two best winter sports ever.

The New Utah Resident

Another good candidate for daily ski or snowboard rental is that brand new Utah resident who has always wanted to try out our amazing key resorts but never had the opportunity to do so. These are folks who probably rented skis in the past. Their local ski resorts just weren’t exciting enough to warrant purchasing. But now they are in Utah. Now they want to try our resorts.

Skiing at one of our resorts can be an entirely different experience for someone who has never been on a world-class slope before. Daily rental would be a good idea for the first time or two. That new resident can get a better feel for what Utah skiing is like before investing in new equipment.

The Casual Skier or Snowboarder

Family members and friends who qualify as casual skiers or snowboarders might only get to the slopes a couple of times per year. Here’s the thing: they may not love it enough to justify the expense of one-time rentals every time they go out. Yet you occasionally covering the cost of a daily rental might actually encourage them to hit the slopes more often.

Think about that for just a minute. You could help transform a casual skier or snowboarder into a winter sports nut just by paying for rental once or twice. Taking care of the bill eliminates the excuse that skiing and snowboarding are too expensive. You could be a real pal and go one step further by covering the lift ticket, too.

We can think of lots of reasons to help out with daily ski rental or snowboard rental. But we are biased. As a leading ski shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, we think everyone who lives here ought to get out and enjoy all that our resorts have to offer.