Kayaking in Utah: Is It Worth Taking a Lesson or Two

Kayaking in Utah: Is It Worth Taking a Lesson or Two

Kayaking in Utah: Is It Worth Taking a Lesson or Two

Kayak rentals are one of the more popular summer options here at Canyon Sports. Utah has a ton of fantastic waterways worthy of exploration, including Mirror Lake and Deer Creek. A question we hear frequently from customers is whether taking lessons would be a good idea.

That is something each person needs to decide for themself. We can say this: taking a lesson or two would never hurt. If you are in town on vacation and just plan to spend a single afternoon out on a calm lake with a kayak, taking a lesson might not be on your list of things to do. But if you plan on making kayaking a regular activity, lessons will definitely help.

More to It Than Meets the Eye

A kayak rental is pretty simple. You complete the rental application, pay your fee, and sign on the dotted line. That’s when the real fun begins. As simple as it is to rent kayaks, navigating local waterways with them is another matter. To get the most from a kayak rental, it really helps to know:

  • how to properly grip your paddles for maximum control
  • how to stroke deeply, rhythmically, and at the right speed
  • how to use sweeping strokes to change direction
  • how to pace yourself based on the conditions of the water
  • how to maintain balance in the kayak.

Kayaking is by no means rocket science. And even without a lesson or two, kayaks are safe enough for novices to use. But taking a lesson that teaches the basics can make you more efficient on the water. That could ultimately mean a more enjoyable experience, where you concentrate more on your natural surroundings than handling the boat.

Kayaking Isn’t Hard to Master

Do not let the idea of taking a lesson or two scare you away from kayaking. While it is true that competitive kayaking requires quite a bit of knowledge, skill, and physical ability, kayaking for leisure is not nearly as demanding. Best of all, it isn’t hard to master.

One outing per weekend for an entire summer should have you kayaking like an experienced veteran. It is all about practice. The more you get out there on the water, the more time you have to hone your kayaking skills. Don’t worry about a season-long kayak rental either. We have you covered.

Three Tips from Canyon

We want to close this post with three tips of our own. If you are new to kayaking, pay attention to the following:

  1. Your Dress – Kayaking is obviously a water sport. Dress appropriately. Assume that you might find yourself in the water at some point during your adventure. If it’s a cooler day out, the water may be cool as well. Just be prepared.
  1. Your Life Jacket – Always wear a life jacket when you’re out kayaking. Lifejackets save lives even among accomplished swimmers who inadvertently find themselves in the drink.
  1. Your Plans – Before you head out for the day, share your plans with a family member or friend. Let people know where you are going and how long you plan to be out. In the unlikely event that something does happen to you, someone will at least be able to know where to look for you.

Kayaking in Utah is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors in our state. Hiking and biking are awesome activities as well, but there is something unique and special about a view from the water. We encourage you to get out there and enjoy it with kayak rentals from Canyon Sports.