Planning a Utah Ski Trip: 4 Things to Do Right Now

Planning a Utah Ski Trip: 4 Things to Do Right Now

It will not be long before the snow starts falling here in Utah. The Canyon Sports team is still busy with summer bike rentals and tunes. We are still renting kayaks and stand-up paddleboards to locals and visitors alike. But our minds are on winter. It is going to be here before anyone realizes it. That includes you – if you are planning on a Utah ski trip.

Our state is one of the best skiing destinations in the country. We offer resorts scattered across the Wasatch Mountains as well as Markagunt Plateau. Our resorts attract skiers from all over the world. So if you’re wanting to come to Utah this winter, here’s hoping you are already starting to make plans.

Here are four things you should be doing right now:

1. Confirming Your Accommodations

We assume you have already arranged accommodation for your stay. If you are staying at one of the area resorts, it is a good idea to contact them and confirm your reservations a couple of months before traveling. So if you’re traveling in December, you would want to confirm no later than the end of September.

If you haven’t yet made reservations, it may be too late to get into a resort. Go ahead and check to see if there is any availability. If not, you may have to think about staying down in the valley this time around.

2. Arranging Your Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Unless you are planning to bring skis and snowboards with you, you’re going to need to rent equipment once you arrive. We would recommend not relying on the ski resorts for rental. Instead, you are better off with a week-long (or for as long as you plan on being here) rental from Canyon Sports.

Renting from us guarantees you’ll be using the same equipment throughout your entire stay. Not only that, our expert ski and snowboard tunes offer an optimal experience when you hit the slopes. Again, arrange for your rental as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to secure your equipment.

3. Thinking About Food

Next up, start thinking about your plans for food. You may be planning to eat every meal at your resort via the many restaurants on offer. That’s a good choice, but it’s also an expensive one. You can save money by eating breakfast and lunch in your hotel room or ski lodge.

Visitors to the area have increasingly been having groceries delivered. If that’s your plan, you probably want to have a menu in place before you travel. When you get here, it will be a lot easier to place your order because you already know what you need.

4. Securing Travel Insurance

If you are planning to travel with insurance in place (and you really should) it is not a wise idea to wait too long to secure that insurance. Many companies that offer travel insurance require policies be in place between 30 and 60 days prior to travel. Don’t wait too long to start looking into insurance or you might find that your choices are limited.

Also be very particular about the insurance you choose. Some policies only cover travel issues, like lost luggage and missed flights. You may have to purchase a special rider to cover your medical care in the event that you’re injured on the slopes.

We still have customers coming in for kayak and bike rentals. Nonetheless, we are gearing up for winter. If you are planning a winter ski vacation in Utah, you should be working on those plans right now.