Ski Rental Has Its Advantages – Even If You Live in SLC

Ski Rental Has Its Advantages – Even If You Live in SLC

Ski Rental Has Its Advantages – Even If You Live in SLC

A big part of our business is ski rental aimed at tourists who visit Utah from out-of-state. Tourists have plenty of reasons to rent, not the least of which is the hassle of trying to take skis and boots on a plane. But even if you live in Salt Lake City, ski rental has its advantages. It is something every avid skier should consider.

When you rent ski from Canyon Sports, you can choose between an entire package or skis only. We do not rent boots alone. If you are into snowboarding instead, we have you covered. Snowboard rentals are on our menu, too.

With all that said, here are some of the advantages ski rental offers to SLC residents:

1. Get the Latest Gear

It is in our best interests to make sure that we don’t let our equipment get too old. Not only do customers not want old stuff, but maintaining skis and boots for years on end gets costly. So it’s also in our best interests to keep the latest gear in stock.

What does this mean to you? It means renting gives you the opportunity to try out the latest gear. Even if you intend to buy at some point down the road, giving new skis and boots a try before you buy is a wise decision.

2. Free Routine Maintenance

We cannot speak for other rental shops but can tell you that free wax and edge sharpening are part of our rental service. Whenever your skis need some service, just stop by and we’ll take care of it. We won’t nickel and dime you to death with maintenance charges.

3. Save Money with Seasonal Rentals

Some of our ski rental customers are weekend warriors who hit the slopes once or twice per season. But most are seasonal renters. They pick up their skis and boots at the start of the season, spend all winter on the slopes, and then return the equipment in the spring.

The advantage of seasonal rental is that you pay less. If you only ski once or twice per year, seasonal rental isn’t worth your while. But if you are an avid skier who can manage to make it to the slopes at least once or twice weekly, seasonal rental is a lot cheaper than individual rental every time you go skiing.

4. Learn the Equipment

Here at Canyon Sports, we help a lot of newbies get to the slopes for the first time. If you are new to the sport, do you really want to drop anywhere from $500-$1000 on new skis, boots, and poles?

Beginners still in that first year of skiing don’t have a true grasp of how equipment influences both performance and one’s pleasure of the sport. Likewise, they haven’t yet developed any preferences. So going out and spending a ton of money on a complete ski package that first year doesn’t make a lot of sense. It is cheaper for newbies to rent for the first season or two, then consider the possibility of buying.

5. A Lighter Financial Burden

Rounding out our list of ski rental advantages is the lighter financial burden. A single year of ski rental is substantially less than buying your own equipment. Renting means a smaller financial outlay that takes less out of your entertainment budget.

Buying skis, boots, and poles is always an option. But don’t discount the possibility of ski rental. Even if you live in Salt Lake City, there are advantages to a seasonal ski rental package. Give it some thought before you head out to the mountain again.