Spring Is Snow-Chasing Season in Utah

Spring Is Snow-Chasing Season in Utah

Spring Is Snow-Chasing Season in Utah

Like you, the team here at Canyon Sports is holding on to the last vestiges of winter. It is an annual rite of passage from winter into spring. We know the slopes will be green soon enough, but we all want just one more opportunity to race down the hill. If you’re like us, you know that spring is snow-chasing season in Utah.

We’ve spent all winter helping customers with ski and snowboard tunes. Some of our customers who came to us late last year looking for seasonal rentals have already begun returning their equipment. But wait, not so fast. Some of our ski resorts are open into early April and a few even staying open into May this season.

Chase that Snow

Spring snow is a different kind of snow. It feels different. It skis different. And when you combine spring snow with warmer temperatures and longer days, you have a completely different experience on the slopes. That experience makes chasing the snow well worth it.

There’s no telling how long Utah ski resorts will stay open. Mother Nature ultimately determines that. But we still have quite a decent snowpack right now. So strap those skis or snowboards to the roof and get out to your favorite resort. It won’t be long before the snow takes its annual summer vacation.

We’ve Got You Covered

Once the skiing season is officially over, we have you covered with spring and summer equipment designed to make your enjoyment of the great outdoors as exciting as possible. Come see us for bike rental, paddle board rental, and even kayak rental. Don’t forget bike tunes, either. Our technicians are ready to get your bike into tip-top shape.

One of the great things about living and playing in Utah is that there is always something to do outdoors. The winter is all about skiing and snowboarding. Spring and summer offer everything from mountain biking to hiking and boating. In the fall, getting out and enjoying the spectacular colors on the Wasatch Front is unlike anything else.

Hang On to Every Last Drop

There is plenty to look forward to during the spring and summer months. But we aren’t there yet. Even now, there is still some snow left on the mountains. It’s time for the hardcore skiers and snowboarders among us to get out there and chase the spring snow. Let us hang on to every last drop for as long as it sticks around.

If you need one final ski or snowboard tune to make the most of spring snow, come see us at Canyon Sports. A properly tuned snowboard or set of skis is your ticket to enjoying the most exhilarating day you could have on the slopes. Just remember that accurate tuning ensures maximum control as you make your way down the mountain.

We still have time for full days on the slopes and laid-back evenings sitting around the fire with a favorite beverage, good friends, and conversation. It has been a fantastic winter in Utah. We’re expecting next winter to be just as good. Between now and then, we have our memories of this past season.

Spring has to come to Utah. For people who live for winter sports, this might not be such a good thing. But as you chase the spring snow, remember that Utah’s natural environment offers plenty for you to enjoy once the snow is gone. Give the mountains a try this spring and summer. You might be pleasantly surprised by how much you can actually enjoy them – even without a sturdy snowpack.