Visiting Utah: Spring Might Be the Best Time to Come

Visiting Utah: Spring Might Be the Best Time to Come

Visiting Utah: Spring Might Be the Best Time to Come

Our annual ski rental and snowboard rental are now winding down as spring makes its arrival. Many of the out-of-town visitors that came to Utah to hit the slopes have returned home. New crowds will be back to chase Utah’s red rocks come summer. During the spring though, it is pretty quiet around here. It might be the best time for you to come for a visit.

Utah has two heavy tourist seasons: winter and summer. Winter is all about the snow while summer is a fantastic time to enjoy the mountains in a different way. As you might expect, resort rates are highest during these two seasons. You get better pricing in the spring because winter enthusiasts have gone home and the summer crowd hasn’t arrived yet.

Better Rates and Free Nights

So, what kinds of deals can you get in Utah this time of year? We can’t give you any hard and fast numbers because the resorts all do their own thing. But it is not unusual to see discount rates on all sorts of hotel rooms and home rentals. Some of the resorts even offer free nights when you extend your stay for a certain amount of time.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Utah but can’t justify spending on winter and summer accommodations, check things out this spring. You just might find that a trip to Utah is more affordable than you thought.

The Crowds Are Smaller, Too

Being in the kayak, paddle board, and bike rental business, we have the opportunity to greet guests from all over the country. They come to Utah in the spring in order to enjoy the beautiful natural environment in a different kind of way. It turns out that a lot of them come during the spring because they don’t like crowds.

No doubt that things can get hectic here during winter and summer. In peak tourist seasons, there are people everywhere. So maybe you aren’t a large crowd kind of person. Perhaps you prefer a more laid-back experience that includes room to stretch out and relax. Once again, spring may be your ticket to enjoying the Beehive State.

You might want to check out the Visit Utah website to see what they have going on. You can find fantastic articles on everything from mountain biking to fishing. The site offers information on planning your trip, creating an itinerary, and making your visit to our state safe. And of course, the site lists tons of things to do in all four seasons.

Spring Skiing Is Possible

Spring’s arrival in Utah doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate end to skiing. Some of our resorts are open well into April. If memory serves, the longest ski season in Utah history actually went into July. We can’t make any promises, of course, but we’ll continue offering ski rentals and snowboard rentals for as long as the white stuff is on the slopes.

If you are considering a visit to Utah in the spring, why not spend some time skiing and the rest of your time exploring other things to do in the area. There are all sorts of great activities in and around Salt Lake City and across the Wasatch Front. We have great parks and hiking trails. We have a great arts culture. Utah is even one of the best places in the country to enjoy a night of stargazing.

Spring is a time of transition. It is a time when Utah transitions from winter wonderland to a majestic summer escape. It just might be the perfect time for you to visit.