Why Exploring Salt Lake City on a Bike Is Such a Good Idea

Why Exploring Salt Lake City on a Bike Is Such a Good Idea

Why Exploring Salt Lake City on a Bike Is Such a Good Idea

Canyon Sports is your go-to choice for summer bike rental and bike tunes. From street bikes to mountain bikes and hybrids, we have it all. While you’re thinking about that, we have a question: have you ever considered exploring Salt Lake City on a bike?

Salt Lake City has been an up-and-coming U.S. city for more than a decade. We continue to grow and expand. We continue to innovate and lead. But sometimes, we can get so busy with all the things that make Salt Lake City so wonderful that we don’t take the time to just appreciate living here. The same goes if you are just visiting. Spending a day exploring the city on a bike is one way to step back, relax, and take it all in.

Start with a Bike Rental

If you don’t own a bike or you are visiting from out of town, your day of exploration begins with bike rental. Your best bet would be an aluminum road bike or a hybrid bike that lets you tour city streets in a more comfortable position.

Each member of your party needs a bike and a helmet. Bring your cell phone, too. There are plenty of great biking apps you can use to find your way around Salt Lake City with little trouble. Don’t forget a water bottle, either. Staying hydrated is important.

The Advantages of Bike Exploration

Bigger cities that tend to do very well as tourist traps are known for their guided bus tours. You will find them all over in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and London. But exploring on a bike offers an entirely different experience. Here are some of the many advantages of doing so:

1. Freedom and Flexibility

Bike exploration gives you more freedom than you would have a car. Bikes can go places inaccessible to cars and trucks. You also have the flexibility of getting out of traffic by riding down less congested roads and along Salt Lake City rec paths.

2. Dedicated Bike Lanes

When you do have to be in traffic, you will find that a lot of modern cities have dedicated bike lanes on their busiest roads. A dedicated bike lane can reduce the stress of riding in an urban environment. You are kept separated from auto traffic to some degree, allowing you to pay less attention to cars and more to the world around you.

3. Experiencing Daily Life

Tourists have the added advantage of experiencing daily life when they explore on a bike. Exploring the city exposes riders to so many of those spots not on the tourist maps. That means opportunities to grab a snack at a local café, stop at a mom-and-pop shop for a little bit of browsing, etc. It is real life experienced alongside the people living it.

4. Affordable Fun

Unfortunately, budgets can be an issue when it comes to entertainment options. We all need to be more careful about what we spend. The good news is that casual biking is very affordable. Even if you don’t own your own bike, daily or weekly bike rental fits into most budgets.

Salt Lake City has a lot to offer both residents and visitors. If you have never explored the city on a bike before, we encourage you to give it a try this summer. You’ll see a whole side of Salt Lake City you never knew was there before.

We have you covered with affordable bike rentals by the day, week, or season. We can also offer you some helpful advice for planning your adventures.