Why You Should Consider Seasonal Ski or Snowboard Rental

Why You Should Consider Seasonal Ski or Snowboard Rental

Skiers and snowboarders do not necessarily have to own their equipment. They can rent what they need on a daily or seasonal basis. In fairness, there are justifications for both owning and renting. When it comes to the latter, we believe seasonal rentals are the best bet for most people who plan to hit the slopes more than once or twice in the season.

Why You Should Consider Seasonal Ski or Snowboard Rental

If that sounds like you, early fall is the best time to arrange your seasonal rental. Do not wait until mid-November to give Canyon Sports a call or stop in for a visit. The closer we get to ski season, the higher the demand for rental equipment.

Renting vs. Buying

Ski and snowboard renters tend to be people who love winter sports but don’t have unlimited time to devote to them. They rent because they don’t ski or ride often enough to justify the expense of purchasing equipment. As for those who do buy, they tend to get to the slopes more frequently.

Perhaps you are somewhere in the middle. You don’t consider yourself a hard-core skier or rider, but you are also not casual about it either. You plan to head to the mountains at least a few times per month over the entire ski season. Should you buy or rent?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Your Budget – Ski and snowboarding equipment can get awfully expensive. Ask yourself what type of equipment you want as opposed to what you can afford. Your budget may dictate that renting is the best way to get the optimal equipment for you.
  • Your Skill Level – You might not know what you need based on your skill level. When you rent, you can get just what you need. Next year, when your skills have hopefully improved, a seasonal rental can account for that as well. You get the right equipment without having to make yet another purchase.
  • Equipment Quality – Rental shops like Canyon Sports strive to offer the latest and greatest equipment in order to cater to customers. They also take care of their equipment. In other words, a good rental shop isn’t going to give you junk.

We get the fact that you can also rent directly from Utah’s ski resorts. We won’t comment on that except to say that we believe you are better off renting from a shop like ours.

Seasonal vs. Daily Rental

Next up is the question of renting seasonally or daily. If you only plan to ski once or twice per season, daily rentals from a ski shop or a favorite resort make more financial sense. But other than that, we recommend seasonal rentals.

Here in Utah, rentals can be hard to come by once the season starts in earnest. So even a reservation made months in advance doesn’t guarantee daily rentals will be available when you arrive. With seasonal rental though, you always have skis or a snowboard when you want to hit the slopes.

Another advantage of seasonal rental is that you are using the same equipment every time you go out. You don’t get the same experience with daily rental. In all likelihood, the skis or board you rent one day will not be the same equipment you get next time you visit the resort. Although you might not think it makes a difference, it does.

Consider seasonal rental from Canyon Sports. Now is the time to start thinking about it, when inventory remains high and choices are not limited. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have about our equipment or rental packages. We are always here to help.